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From our parent company Holidium Labs


Quantum Mechanic Holograms from our parent company Holidium Labs

QMH Video conference
Applied quantum mechanics, simply put, is the ability to move micro Cosmic energy in a digital format from one place to another. We have done this successfully, countless times, via internet World Wide Web text messaging, video gaming and just about all digital platforms. It is done by creating a biomimicry field which allows us to capture the numerous properties of the subject matter. This is done through a process called biophoton analyzation, which essentially is creating a digital image of DNA which then can be analyzed, modified, then transported to an alternate location. Holidium Labs uses the applied art of quantum mechanics through Quantum Mechanic Holograms, to transform scientific knowledge into practical wisdom.

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QMH Video conference
Customers sharing product experiences. Listen in right now and see if anyone is online on either RingCentral or Dlive:

Holidium Labs and QMH founder Thunder Whitecloud

QMH CEO Thunder White Cloud
"Our mission is a new era of technology for mankind"
-- Thunder
With a breakthrough in human technology, hologram technology promises to transend the reach of mankind.
  • Experience
    Creator with 15 years of product performance experience and wisdom to take quantum theories to the applied manufacturing level
  • Education
    Self taught applied quantum mechanics
  • Skills & Expertise
    Manufacturing applied quantum software in multiple industries since 2003.
  • Role & Contribution
    Research design specialist in quantum fields and converting that information for planetary solutions.
  • Live Q & A
    Want to ask Thunder a question or learn more get the ring central meetings app to your device to enter live FREE LIVE cam Q&A about R&D
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    QMH CEO Thunder White Cloud

    QMH Technology Lab Tour

    QMH Technology Lab Tour

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    QMH is your "Star Trek" Business Opportunity - Become an Ambassador for your Country:

    The exclusive right to receive $1 override payment from Holidium Labs, on every text message we sell in a specific country for 5 years.

    The purchase price for a country text message override, is based on a formula involving the number of cell phones in that country, times the per capita income, adjusted in money of that country. For example, the purchase price for the United States is $1 million, for China is six $600,000, for Pakistan is $20,000. The current prices may increase at any time without notice.

    Purchasing a country text message override provides purely passive income. However, the income is completely dependent on number of sales made in that country, which would mainly occur through one or more licensed private label resellers (although some sales could be made directly through the manufacture). Note the private label resellers can operate anywhere in the world there is no exclusivity.

    To talk to someone about our remaining private label opportunity or non profits donations or have interest in container bulk purchase.


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