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EMF radiation & Battery boost

Hologram Devices
A healthier cell phone, laptop and other devices with better battery.
There is obvious concern these days on the amount of emf radiation put out by modern cell phones and the negative effect that might have on our health. In addition, a common consumer complaint is cell battery life.

We have developed a quantum mechanic based hologram that when placed in your phone as it's wallpaper, significantly reduces the emf radiation emitted by the phone while extending battery life (by approximately 30%) Although extremely complex, quantum mechanic programs are simple in their application. Essentially they cancel out the harmful bandwidth of EMF waves. In addition, they condition the flow of electrical power within your cell battery to make it more efficient. Thus, you will see faster charging times and longer battery life.

And, if you are so inclined, you can read the attached study that used one of our quantum mechanic holograms to measure it's effect on specific absorption rates (SAR) for cell phone use. (Results are found on page 17 and 18.)

TSIB: Thermal Smart Insulation Barrier

Thermal insulator
This is the technology that Thunder has broke the laws of thermal Dynamics and is proud to say he is not in cuffs. Portability and effectiveness is what makes this flat out amazing. Simply place small holograms on windows, vents, hot water tanks or frig and it's like r-50 added instantly. Takes heat away on hot days and keeps heat in on cold days the best in Holidium technology.

Breaker Box & Smart Meter EMF

Breaker box appliances
The Breaker Box Hologram saves up to 15% on your monthly electric bills.
Frequencies emitted from the hologram provide protection from 60 Hz "dirty" electricity in the wiring and WiFi. Information embedded into the hologram helps neutralize "dirty" electricity and power usage. The home becomes a far safer place to be.
electricity flows smoother due to fewer surges throughout the home. This is the equivalent of having a capacitor attached to a busbar.


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