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RED Anti Smog

Fuel saver
Stop polluting today - Cars: Gas, Deisel, LPG
RED anti smog - The Solution to Pollution. Place the frequency hologram sticker on your car or trucks gas tank for improved emissions (0-CO,0-NOx), and a cleaner, better burning engine. Miles Per Gallon has been reported to INCREASE 5% - 25% in most cases of gasoline burning engines (up to %40 in deisel engines) to occur in vehicles that are in good working condition.

Efficiency Holograms for Semi-Trucks. Fleet owners lets talk, we will help finance your trial period to improve your fleet MPG! No risk. See the full EPA lab data in the left column. That report is from the original gas holoogram test an EPA Record 25% in gasoline and 40 % in diesel reduction in emissions. Place the frequency hologram sticker on your trucks gas tank for improved emissions (0-CO,0-NOx), and a cleaner, better burning engine. View my CA smog results for my 96 Cherokee 4.0.

Big R.E.D. Diesel Fuel Chip. Trucks and Large Equipment Emissions. BIG RED Diesel Saver Efficiency Holograms: Semi-Trucks

Heavy Equipment & Marina, Boats, Yachts etc: Place the frequency hologram sticker on your car or trucks gas tank for improved emissions (0-CO,0-NOx), and a cleaner, better burning engine.

$ 2,000 rebate on a $ 1,500 product

EPA lab crushed 30 years of tests

Spontaneous demonstration at the gas station

Frequency Feritlizer

Frequency plant fertiliser
Charge your irrigation water or your spray bottle with this frequency fertilizer plant elixer. The programs in this hologram enhance optimal plant yield, while increasing plant nutrient uptake from the soil and or water that the plant is emmersed in. This hologram can be placed in and near the garden and or charge the water the plants are given to boost your plant production of food, flowers or herbs. All living plants are enhanced by using this technology.

Chem Trail Hologram

Chemtrails Shield
Chem Trail Hologram
Most developing nations go on record saying they use Geo-Engineering in the atmosphere to combat global warming. Well Geo-Engineering = CHEM-TRAILS. No not con trails, that you used to see evaporate in minutes up in the sky. These are chem-trails that crises cross the skies over populated areas. Let the subtle energy shift happen for you. Let the NRG programs in these holograms deliver anti-chem trail frequencies to nullify the contaminants falling from the skies . If your alive today you need to learn how to detox regularly and this product is a great boost in that direction. Just wear the hologram on your person throughout the day and next to your bed at night to begin your defense from above. Cover the hologram with tape to protect the programs for full functionality. Stay strong and live smart! Just look up, it is real. Most common chem trail ingredients are Barium, Aluminum, and Strontium and now stachybotrys toxegenic molds and God knows what else. Chem trails are an air assault on your immune system, nervous and well being. The water, soil and food are contaminated as well thanks to chem trails. Google up "Evergreen Aviation" who has the contract to dump this crap on us. Now their is a simple remedy The Chem Trail Defense System that energetically neutralizes the harmful constituents of chemtrails, simply by wearing the NRG hologram sticker on your person and charging your water. The programs imbibed into this hologram are the perfect tonic for the falling skies. Here in the good old United Corporation of America, the common good is warped by the FDA and AMA and the powers that be. Who makes their doctors only prescribe drugs, surgery or radiation.Further i am bound to begrudgingly say: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our services and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or in any way prevent any disease. If required see your physician.

Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrails

Anti Mold Hologram

Anti Mold Hologram
Anti Mold Hologram
Molds are eukaryotic micro-organisms that are decomposers of dead organic material such as leaves, wood and plants. The spores and hair-like bodies of individual mold colonies are too small for us to see without a microscope.

When a lot of mold is growing on a surface, it often appears black, blue or green. The color of the mold is determined by the type and is influenced by the nutrient source, surface substrate and the age of the colony. Our best Anti - Mold defense program to date! When our technology is held within a radius of 6-12 inches of mold, the organism will then begin to break down and decompose to the point of its cellular death within 10 minutes.

The mold then will be completely neutralized and is then safe to wipe away without exposure. Various results have shown majority of mold found in many places when exposed to our technology will turn from its natural color to a Golden Hue, Indicating that the decomposition process has taken place. We are continuing to test this Specific Anti-Mold technology on various mold organisms as our testimonies grow.


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